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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GULF SHORES - Creve Coeur, MO

 Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill is the brain child of a friendly man, Harry Parker,  who knows how to provide customer service and have his hand in the heartbeat of his establishment. He was always around greeting customers and delivering food and drinks and taking the time to explain each dish. It was easy to see his passion for what he is bringing to the table.
   This is a seafood restaurant with a New Orleans flair. That has a lots of daily food and drink specials.

   We were anxious to try the Thursday night Nawlin's Special.  But now I can't wait to partake in the Sunday Jazz Brunch.

N'awlins Chicken Gumbo $3.99  Andoouille sausage, chicken , tomatoes, and spices

Gator Bites  $9.99  
Thursday Night Drink Special - Hurricane $3.00!
Caesar Salad 
Louisian' Tilapia & Shrimp  ( Tender filet of blackened Tilapia sauteed w/ shrimp and topped off w/ homemade white garlic cream sauce.)
Blackened Chicken Alfredo 
Lobster Ravioli  $16.99    Homemade white-wine and garlic sauce over Lobster Ravioli
Seabass baked w/ homemade pesto parmesan  w/ goat cheese mashed potatoes and amaretto glazed carrots

Pick Two Taco's   Blackened Mahi Mahi and Charbroiled Shrimp Taco's $13.49
3 Piece Halibut $19.99
Shrimp Creole - Slow cooked rue w/ crawfish tails, shrimp & yellow rice w/ vegetables $14.99

Pecan Pie $5.99

Crabby Mondays:  All you can eat Snow Crab Legs & $3 Margaritas
Motown Tuesdays:  Live Motown Music plus Shrimp & Grits $3 Amaretta Sours & 50 % off bottles of wine
Wednesday Blues: Live Blues & Martini's $5 any Martini & $3 Margarita's
N'awlin's Thursdays:   Etouffe, Beignets, Boudin , Muffulettas plus Live Blues at lunch from 11:30- 1:30
    $3 Pat O'Brian Hurricanes
Friday & Saturday: Weekend Seafood Special

Sunday: Live Jazz Brunch:  Eggs Benedict, Eggs Chesapeake, Oyster Benedict, Shrimp & Grits and Bananas Foster French Toast and $3 Bloody Mary's

Sunday Bourbon Street Brunch:

$3 Bloody Mary's

Shrimp & Grits $13.99 Stone ground grits topped with sauteed shrimp, bacon, Andouille Sausage,  and tomato Cajun gravy.
Crawfish and Shrimp Cajun Frittata:  Open faced omelet topped with crawfish tails and shrimp. Pico de gallo, melted cheese ans a spicy Creole sauce. $12.99

Eggs Chesapeake $13.99  Homemade Blue Crab cakes atop English muffin. Topped with poach eggs and Hollandaise Sauce , and potatoes.
Bananas Foster French Toast $13.99  French Toast topped with freshly flamed bananas foster, served with bacon or Andouille Sausage.

Steak Frittata: Open-faced omelet topped with filet mignon, roasted peppers, and onions, melted cheeses, and Cajun Ranch sauce  $13.99

Gator Benedict:  Gator tenderloins, marinated and battered in Creole corn meal, atop English Muffins, poached eggs, and Cajun Hollandaise Sauce  $13.99

Friendly owner : Harry Parker

Great live Jazz Music!

Gulf Shores Restaurant
12528 Olive
Creve Coeur, MO

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  1. I like this place but found it a bit pricey.

  2. hi Deb StL,
    It was cool to run into someone else that takes pictures of food. what a great place! (Pearl Cafe' authentic Thai Cuisine) hope to see you out in some food place again.

    StL Steve

  3. Thanks Steve,
    Keep watching for my posts on Pearl Cafe.

  4. I was Disrespected and Insulted at Gulf Shores Restaurant in Creve Couer. I was joining my girlfriend for dinner after church today. I asked for a seat at the table. I was told that I couldn't sit or eat with the group. It was my bestfriend's 65th birthday. I asked to speak to the manager only to find out the person that was speaking to me so rudely was the manager. I asked the to call the owner. Another lady almost ran me over insisting she was in a hurry to get to the phone. The two of them spoke to the owner, who repeated the policy. The owner told me to, "Pay for what I had and get out if I did not like his policy and don't come back." "Really?" I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THE RESTAURANT AGAIN. I HAD HEARD OTHER PEOPLE SPEAK OF HOW RUDE THEY WERE. NOW I HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. THIS RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE WAS HORRIBLE!!


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